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Thursday, March 5, 2015

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HR Leadership Conference – Asean Integration organized by HR Club Philippines and Businessmaker Academy – sponsored by Iclick (Powercom’s dealer in the Philippines)

audience response philippines
Ms. Karen Cindy M. Sajwani welcomed the participants who are mostly HR supervisors and practitioners from various organizations on the first day of the event.

On the first day an “ice breaker” question was asked which was also a fastest finger question. The first person who answered correctly was given a prize.

Here is one example of what was asked: “Does your company conduct job evaluation prior to developing or revising your company’s salary structure? - The participants were made to choose a single answer among the following choices:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Unsure

Another example of what was asked was a weight priority question type: What metrics does your company use to determine employee’s performance?  The audience was made to choose their top 3 answers. 

1. Quantitative work output results

2. Performance appraisal
3. Attendance records
4. Customer feedback

The event coordinators were able to use 2 of Powercom’s software

  • The Powercom Powerpoint add in software

 This is an audience response software that gets installed as an additional tab along with the Powerpoint menu

  • The Powercom Specialty 

The Specialty is a special stand-alone software that ensures a quicker voting process.

Below is a screenshot of the of the Powercom Specialty used:

audience response software philippines

Audience Response Technology

To make the voting process efficient and quick, an audience response keypad
was used. This is an essential component to any audience response system

wireless voting system

Below is one of the results of the questions:

wireless voting philippines
The participants used the RF1 Wireless Voting System to select single answers, multiple answers and answers with their top 3 preference. 

The voting was done in real time and results were displayed by the Iclick technicians (staff trained by Powercom) immediately. On the third day, the last question’s results were shown to the audience at the end of the session. It was a burning question. The audience was able to view the results on the large projector.

voting clickers philippines
After the results came in the audience were able to see instant tabulation of all the answers from the HR members in real time. The event organizers were able to achieve their goal of having a conference with an interactive and dynamic atmosphere.

By using PowerCom audience response systems, the meeting effectively creates interaction and collaboration which is a very simple solution.

To Make Your Event More Interactive then Contact PowerCom ARS:

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Call      +63 9235595923
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