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Saturday, December 20, 2014

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New Release: Audience Response voting keypad that is economical for Educators

Educators work hard to help children get the education they need. Students have a lot of potential to be future doctors, nurses, lawyers, biologists, writers, researchers and many more professions that are each important in their own way.

When teachers go on strike, whether by their choice or by the choice of a teacher’s union, many people suffer. The whole economy of that school district can suffer consequences such as:
·         Students not keeping up with the curriculum to learn necessary elements found in CORE testing
·         Some parents, grandparents or relatives need to take personal days off from work
·         Daycare costs are incurred for parents and guardians that cannot take off work
·         Many people live paycheck to paycheck, thus with a decreased amount of money parents may find it difficult to pay their household bills
·         Etc.
School districts need to find a way to minimize the time teachers need to spend on schoolwork outside of classroom hours. They need a solution that can help teachers administer tests, quizzes, school work and the solution needs to help educators grade the tests, quizzes and school work quickly and accurately.
As a bonus for teachers: Superintendents of school districts can find a solution that is customizable; it can be integrated with any website their school has available for parents or students to access for grades.
Find out more about how Strikes affect many people in our white paper.


Q. Why did PowerCom begin selling PowerCom PC3?
A. Some of the people that contact us mention they have a limited budget. The budget is the only reason they do not move forward with purchasing an Audience Response System. We decided to look for a high quality, low price audience response solution. We found that solution with PowerCom PC3.

Q. Why is PowerCom PC3 a great solution for educators?
A. Educators have the goal of helping their students gain the knowledge they will need in the future. This solution supports educators’ efforts in an affordable way both budget-wise and by saving time.

Q. What is an Audience Response System?
A. An audience response system is a software and keypad bundle. It is also known as a clicker solution, a wireless voting keypad solution and a variety of other names.”

Q. Who can use an Audience Response System?
A. We have a variety of clients that use an audience response system (ARS), such as: educators, mock jury consultants, election committees, corporations, government officials and more.”

Q. Where can we find out more about this new keypad solution offered by PowerCom ARS?
A. You can contact us by calling: 212-997-2000, visit our website:, chat with our Live Chat Support that is available 24/7 or email us at: powercom{a}

Bottom Line of Audience Response voting keypad that is economical for Educators

The work educators do is very important. It is worth the investment in an interactive solution if it means that their job will be conducted simpler and more efficiently while reducing the time they have to spend grading papers.
A classroom wireless voting system is a win-win solution for all involved from the Superintendents of School Districts and educators, all the way to families and business owners.