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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Haiti Rural Energy Forum November 24 & 25, 2014 held at Hotel Oasis, Port-au-Prince

Forum hosted by Government of Haiti.

IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), World Bank Group and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Supports this event.

Event organized by New Energy Event, LLC.

Jacques Rousseau Haiti Minister of Public Works, Transport, Energy & Communications begins the forum with welcoming remarks.

At the beginning of each session an opinion poll was taken.

Here is one example of what was asked: ‘What are the lessons learned from the Rural Electrification Projects in Haiti?’ Those in attendance were asked to rank the sequence of government roles, such as:

1.   Create an enabling regulatory framework (import duties exemptions, simple licensing of village grid operators, etc.)

2. Develop a National Electrification Strategy / Plan.

3. Seek financing to facilitate rural energy projects.

4. Create a new institution in charge of rural energy.

5. Extend the grid. 

The event coordinators were able to use a special software to ensure a quick voting process.

Here’s a screenshot of the of the Specialty software they used:

In order to simplify the voting process they used a wireless voting keypad, known as an Audience Response System (ARS), as part of a voting solution.

Here are the results of one of the questions:
The audience used the PowerCom RF1 clicker to select their ranking priority. 

The voting was counted in real-time. After the voting for that question concluded, the audience was able to view the final answers on a large screen.

After the results came in the session focused on discussing the topic. The organizer invited several energy experts as panelist to make presentations, share their opinions and answer questions.

By using PowerCom interactive keypad, the meeting effectively creates interaction and opinion sharing.

The audience gave their opinion. The event achieves practical and successful results through audience interaction.

New Energy Events, led by CEO Mr. Matthew Perks, organizes high-level renewable energy events in and for the emerging markets.

If you have any questions regarding organizing a renewable energy event, please contact New Energy Events, LLC at: 1.800.388.8078 

If you are interested in learning more about how to use PowerCom audience Response system to enhance your meeting, please contact PowerCom team at 1-212-997-2000. We provide 24X7 online chat for customer service and technical support at:


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