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Monday, November 17, 2014

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How Can Audience Response Systems Help your Industry

Wouldn’t it be great if there is one solution that can simplify the work many leaders need to accomplish? Having a leading role in your company entails various responsibilities and the way you handle or delegate your obligations will affect a variety of people, directly and indirectly.

Industry Leaders and the Solutions they need

Although leaders come from a variety of industries here is a brief list:

·         Teachers – they need a solution to help students learn what they need to know. They also are looking to save time and have more accuracy when it comes to grading and entering in grades for their students’ records.
·         Corporations –they need a tool that can allow shareholders to vote. There are scenarios where certain shareholders hold more voting weight than others. This means the solution will need to accommodate a variety of voting methods.
·         Election committees – they need to oversee the voting process of official getting elected into office. The board needs to ensure all of the votes are accounted for.
·         Market Researchers – these leaders conduct various types of research for their clients, such as: focus groups, surveys (online and offline-in the office), surveys in department stores and more.
·         CME (Continuing Medical Education) – it’s important for physicians to continue learning new techniques and about advances in technology that can give them the tools and knowledge they need to help patients better. Presenters and the audience need to interact with one another in order to optimize CME.

All of these people need to generate reports to prove the results of what they have achieved. However, not many people enjoy hours of paperwork. Hence, they are looking for a solution that will help them to be efficient while saving them and their company time and money.

An audience response software solution can help these types of leaders to achieve their goals. It comes with keypads and software that can be customized for the exact type of solution they will need in order to achieve their company’s objectives.

Black Friday Specials Early On

Research shows that stress-levels are increased during the holiday season because many consumers are not only experiencing a heavy-workload but are trying to find the best deals to save money. It is important to have an audience response software solution, especially during the holidays.
Imagine, the office running smoother during the end of the year events. You can be the hero or the one who is remembered for making life simpler when it comes to reducing the amount of time spent on conducting evaluations, surveys, meetings, voting, elections, etc.

Get more done when people are already experiencing stress.

Make it a positive memory for employees, shareholders or students this time of year by contacting to learn which solution will help you achieve your goals and stay within your budget. Plus, we are running a Black Friday Special that will cover Cyber Monday specials November 24-Dec. 2, 2014.

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