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Friday, October 17, 2014

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Parent Teacher Conference: Find out how to get better Results

A parent-teacher conference is an important event that takes place at different times of the school year. It is an event that teachers have the opportunity to talk with their students’ parents and report how the child is doing in class. Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions about their children’s behavior, any upcoming events and more. The main goal of a PTC (Parent Teacher Conference) is for teachers and parents to learn more about each other and help the student achieve optimal results.

Tips for Teachers

  • Listen to parents concerns
  • Start with positive comments about your students
  • Ease into any difficult subjects
  • Give examples of student behavior
  • Explain projects that students are participating in
  • Ask parents how their child likes school
  • Inform parents about field trips
  • Ask if parents want to volunteer
  • Exchange emails or phone numbers so, the parents can contact you

Tips for parents

  • Inform the teacher of any problems your child may be experiencing i.e. bullying at school, difficulty in completing assigned work, too much homework, etc.
  •  Listen to what the teacher is saying about your student so, you can reward positive behavior and address negative behavior, if any, at a later time with your child
  • Ask for examples of behavior that you have not seen in your child
  • Exchange contact information so, a teacher can give you updates


Teachers desire to help children get the education they need in order to achieve what they are meant to be. Parents entrust their children to the school system for almost one-third of a day, multiple days of the week. They expect the school to care for their child, protect them and help them learn the fundamental skills they will need as an adult. A parent teacher conference is an excellent time to review the expectations and progress of what all involved are doing to achieve a common goal: help children to gain the education they need so, they can help people in the future through their career choice.
Some teachers, principals and school boards desire to know how parents really feel before and after the parent teacher conference. They know that not all parents will speak openly to a teacher because they may be afraid that their child will suffer. Schools look for a solution to take anonymous surveys. 

PowerComARS offers a wireless polling solution, also known as audience response system, to do the following:

  • Evaluate – It allows parents the opportunity to evaluate teacher’s and school’s performance upon arriving or exiting. 
  • Polling - It comes with real-time polling results and depending on the solution parents can score their emotions based on a scale of 1-100. 
  • Reports - All of our software comes with the feature to quickly and easily generate reports in various formats such as: csv, excel and more. This can be used to help track teachers and the schools progress.
To provide maximum security in the school while the PTC is ongoing a fingerprint scanner kiosk (insert: can also be set up. This can be used to identify the parents as they enter. This can also be a way of taking attendance.
To learn more about how you can improve your parent teacher conference, contact us at 212-997-2000 or email today.


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