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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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 The term Audience Response System has been commonly associated with Game Shows. However, throughout the years this type of keypad solution has evolved into much more. It can be used to create an interactive learning environment for Educational Institutions and CME (Continuing Medical Education) as well as help conduct quick and efficient elections and meetings. Some software developers have even designed a solution that allow reports to be generated almost instantaneously; the data can be viewed as CSV, Excel files and more with the ability to categorize it based on Demographics, Teams, etc.

Rental Benefits

Many businesses choose to rent an ARS system in order to try out the system or to examine the keypads and software more thoroughly before planning to purchase.

·         Occasional event – some businesses, schools or organizations have events 1-2 times a year and do not desire to own their own system.
·         Event Trial basis – some would like to try the software and equipment out prior to purchasing it based on the consensus of the users.
·         Evaluating a variety of solutions– one keypad solution does not fit all types of scenarios that the clicker can be used for. There are some businesses that desire to allow SMS during a meeting while others only need a simple keypad solution. By testing a variety of clickers it can help the decision-makers narrow down the best option for their needs.

 Although these solutions are available for purchase we realize that not all businesses desire to own their own clicker solution. Thus, we offer our clients the opportunity to rent our products, whether it’s once a year or more often.
We have a variety of solutions that have been customized to help the following: Market Researchers, Mock Juror Litigation services, various types of American voting Committees, Corporations and Silent Auctions, Fund Raising, Shareholders, CME, K-12, Higher Education and more.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our Support options and an in-depth look at how to get your own solution read our next article. In order to get started immediately you may also contact us via email at: powercom(at); call us at:  1-212-997-2000 or simply visit our website: and click on Live Chat Support


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