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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Nowadays, it is becoming more common to use an Audience Response System for various gatherings, such as: CME (Continuing Medical Education), Shareholders meetings, Silent Auctions, Elections and other events that are held a couple of times a year. It may make sense for some event organizers to rent this type of clicker solution that comes with customized software in order to help their event run smoother, compared to purchasing the keypads and software. This solution can be designed: to provide records for future events such as: past results, reactions to various stimuli, etc.

Rental support options:

Running an event is not an easy task. Sometimes organizers find they need a little extra help and that is what we offer. We have a variety of support options to help your job be easier and to reduce the amount of stress you may feel during conventions.

Full service - We provide the hardware, software as well as an on-site technician at the event. Our staff will prepare the materials needed for the meeting, such as: making the slides, programming keypads, etc. in addition to running the polling slides following the speakers’ lead.  This type of support is highly recommended for first time rentals.

Remote Support - There will be a designated technician who will be on standby for the duration of your event. They can access your software remotely in order to help your staff troubleshoot any keypad or software issues; this type of support ensures things will run smoother.  You will need internet access at the location of your event to avail of this type of support. This type of support is recommended for quick learners that have received basic training of how to run the software.

DIY With self-help rental service we provide the hardware and the software but we let the customer run the event by themselves. This option is typically chosen by our customers who have used our equipment in the past.


Full service support can help make your job easier and allow your staff to attend to more important matters. However, if you would like to try one of our other support options we are willing to help you decide which solution is best for your company.
It is our goal to help you have a successful meeting, thus we have a variety of keypads, software and support solutions to help you achieve your objective. Contact us to find out more: 212-997-2000, visit our website: or email us: powercom{at}


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