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Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Teachers desire their students to be able to comprehend what they are hearing or are being taught. If you want your students to understand what they’re supposed to learn you may need to engage your students. When you engage your students it makes it necessary for them to be able to process the information before giving a response.
 When you hear their answers you can also assess their learning style. Once you uncover the students learning style you can tailor the way you teach certain students.
In addition, if during your assessment you find that some students are quick to learn what you’re teaching, and some are not quick learners, then you can categorize or group students together easier. You may be able to group together the fast learners with other fast learners. Slow learners may be grouped with slow learners.

  You may be able to tailor quizzes, tests, etc for each group. There’s no need to worry, though, about extra paperwork needing to be graded. There are solutions specially designed to help teachers give tests and the solution can grade the tests for the teacher, quickly. After the tests are graded reports can be generated quickly and easily in order for teachers to be able to generate reports quicker, such as: Progress Reports, Report cards, etc. If your school has a website that lets parents and students check daily or weekly grades it may even be possible to customize a software and solution and integrate your school software with the solution.
 This type of solution that is available for students and teachers utilizes keypads and is known as an audience response system. After all, your students are your audience and teachers performance may also be graded during CORE testing and more.

Powercom offers various solutions to help teachers teach students at a level that students will be able to better understand. For a free online demo and trial kit contact Powercom at 212-997-2000 or email powercom{at} 


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