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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Focus Groups may be a Disservice: Find out how to make it Effective


Market Researchers pour hours of their time into their job. They conduct research to discover what the demographics of a particular company’s or products idea market or customer are. In addition, the studies they conduct can help a business to determine whether or not they should push through with their new concept of a business venture, merger or developing a new product. The amount of help the Market Research Company can offer to their client is vast. It can save a company a significant amount of money or reveal to investors the idea will be a sound investment.


Market Researchers generally use focus groups in order to conduct their studies; however, there are several flaws that can be incurred when this happens, such as:

  • Small number of candidates – if you find 6-8 candidates show up for your focus group you may be doing a disservice to your client unless they requested less than 10 people to show up for the interview.
  • Inaccurate visuals – if the candidate doesn't see much of a product they may not be able to give you certain input that you and your client desire, such as: if you found this at your grocery store how likely would you purchase it compared to if you find it at a department store.
  • Lack of enthusiasm – some participants may be too reserved to share what they truly feel in front of a group of strangers but would love to be heard by the company that is asking their honest opinion.


It is possible to counter the problems with solutions to gain the insight you need in order to effectively help your clients. Effective solutions may include:

Invite a variety of candidates – in order to get more accurate results it is suggested that you invite a lot of candidates from each demographic profile you desire to interview. You should also be prepared to accommodate the candidates if a high number show up.

Think outside the box – get into the company’s store if they have one; allow your participants to give you feedback about what they experienced when entering the store, the way they feel when they see certain items, whether or not items can be more appealing if put in a different location, etc.

Discreet keypad – give your participants a keypad that will allow them to score what they feel on a scale 1-100, enter in written responses when necessary and more. The goal is to give them privacy yet allow some questions to be discussed as part of a focus group.


If you desire to give your clients the best results possible so, they can make the product that will help a variety of people or discard an idea based on a group of participants responses then consider the moment-to-moment wireless keypads solution. It’s designed to make your job easier and to get the most out of every focus group. Contact us to find out how to obtain a trial test kit that will allow you to view different features of this software and clicker solution.

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