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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Tips for Market Researchers in 2014

  Market researchers provide valuable insight for businesses that desire to reach as many people as possible with their products or services. Businesses seek out professional help from market researchers because they know the market researcher knows how to get a response from different demographics regarding certain topics, and that can help the business to adjust their marketing efforts according to the findings that market researchers provide for them.

During focus groups and quantitative research a common problem may arise when the individual’s may not be willing to open up fully when put in a group setting. Sometimes, when people are put together they can influence one’s opinion or people may not answer as thoroughly as they would if they were being interviewed privately.
There is good news for market researchers and their clients. There is a solution to help market researchers and their clients to get the results they desire. The results they desire are a common goal: to find out what consumers’ thoughts are about a particular product or service the market researcher’s client is offering. 

  The solution enables focus group participants to answer anonymously or privately within the group by utilizing a handheld device. Meanwhile, the client’s can be in the viewing room, viewing the focus group participant’s answers and reactions about what they have been shown. The client will be able to see real-time results with pictures of the focus group participants along with the demographics of those focus group participants next to the answers they’re entering.

  The answers are stored off-site in a secure server and over 20 different reports can be generated quickly and easily. Market Researcher’s tell us this is the solution they have been looking for and it helps them to conduct their job easier while giving their clients outstanding results.
Considering market research can be a competitive business, don’t you think it’s about time you learn more about the handheld device your competitors are using? Contact us for more information.


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