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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Having the wrong jury can get you in trouble: Learn how to avoid it

    It is a lawyer’s objective to help their client win the case. If the case is being tried by a jury, then that lawyer will need to know prior to the trial what type of jury will give the desired verdict. Each lawyer is trying to present their case to the jury, but if the lawyer is not familiar with the thought process of a certain juror or what the jury as a whole will consider positive or negative, then the attorney could end up losing the case. Thus, in order for them to obtain the desired results they hire a trial consultant.
   A trial consultant’s job is to conduct research to learn what makes up the jury that will give their client (a lawyer) the desired outcome of the trial they are participating in. The trial consultant invites a vast amount of people from different demographic types to a mock jury. Different demographic types of a jury can include: age; job title they hold; where they live; the amount of money they make, and more. The mock juror’s are invited to a mock trial and a mock case is presented to them. The demographic profiles of the plaintiff and defendant that will be in the real case will also be part of the presentation. Then the case is presented in different ways to get different responses.
    A common problem may occur when the trial consultant needs to conduct various scenarios in a restricted amount of time. When that occurs they turn to PowerCom to obtain the solution they need.
Powercom offers a moment-to-moment solution that allows mock jurors to use a wireless-handheld- keypad that allows them to record their emotional responses of certain topics or points they hear and they can score it 1-100. By allowing mock jurors to give a range from one to one hundred it allows trial consultants to pinpoint which parts of the deliberation helped the case and which parts of the deliberation hurt the case.
The handheld device delivers real-time results, which can be categorized by demographics, including the information put next to each mock juror’s picture. If the client of the jury consultant desires to be on the premises, they can observe real-time results in the viewing room.  Additionally, various types of reports can be generated quickly and easily. These reports can be categorized based on demographics in order to help the jury consultant offer more accurate consultation services to their clients.

If you are a mock jury consultant in need of a wireless solution contact us for a free demonstration and learn more about how to obtain a free trial kit CLICK HERE.


  1. Many litigators, even those who do trial work, have only a hazy idea about how much value a good jury consultant can bring to trial preparation and presentation. Clients make the mistake of thinking lawyers should be experts in jury research, and it’s often true that the lawyer who would like to hire a Trial focus group doesn’t know what to say to the client about that. I would say that it’s like hiring any other expert for the case lawyers are skilled at the law, jury consultants are skilled at social research. They are two different disciplines entirely.While attorneys are keeping up with developments in the law and managing your cases, the best trial consultants are monitoring all kinds of public opinion data and trends. So trial consultants start out in a much better position to develop a profile for the jury for counsel to follow during jury selection. Therefore anyone who has done focus group research knows it’s going to yield the most valuable information, useful conclusions if the research is directed and interpreted by someone with the proper training. Hire the best to get the best. Thanks