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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Secrets of how to get students attention 

Teachers: Do you want to know the secret of how to get your students attention?

We realize that teachers invest multiple hours to make lesson plans to outline what they want to teach students, how to execute it and the goals they want to accomplish. A school’s Core test results are crucial in so many aspects. In addition, teachers are trying to help students achieve their academic goals.

   Therefore, it is our goal to share our insight of how to get your students attention and how to retain the attention once you get it.
Some students are visual learners while others learn better with audio. Nowadays, many students have various technologies available to them while they’re not at school such as: cellphones, tablets, computers, gaming systems and more. To students that have become accustomed to visuals that their electronics provide them with, they may struggle with paying attention during class, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Creating an interactive learning environment for students, whether they remain in the same classroom all day such as in elementary school or if they change classes after specified times such as middle school, high school, tech school or higher education can be the key to getting and retaining students’ attention.

The Solution

By utilizing a keypad for students to see questions and enter answers in, it can create an interactive learning environment. The interactive learning environment can benefit students, teachers and all that are involved in helping the students to achieve their educational goals.

The Tools

PowerCom RF2 Keypad
PowerCom RF2 Keypad
The RF2 keypad can offer a visual for students that may forget questions or may need reminders and it gives them an opportunity to communicate with the teacher one on one via sms text messages, no cellphone needed. This will help teachers tackle the common problem they may see: some students are very intelligent but are shy when other students make fun of children that frequently raise their hand or get answers correct.

Students can be assigned one keypad or clicker for the entire semester or school year; they can take it to each class; the students can take tests on it, conduct self-paced testing or quizzes during class or complete offline testing. When the student completes the task, the teacher can receive the report with the results without needing to grade all of the work themselves. Students and parents will benefit because they can receive the results quicker. This also translates into more free time for the teacher.

What we do

We specialize in customizing clicker solutions so, if you have software that you’d like us to connect it to or need us to customize the keypad and software solution in any way we can help you. Let us help you to achieve your goals in teaching.
We look forward to helping you, your students, their parents and everyone involved with educating
students to have a great school year! Contact us soon to get your school year started more smoothly.


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