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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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 Audience response systems have been used in different business sectors as well as religious groups. Powercom had the privilege of talking with Christian peacemaker and lawyer, Mr. Bryce Thomas to talk about how Powercom’s wireless voting systems helped him accomplish his important activities. He is nearing retirement as a trial lawyer and is a certified Christian peacemaker through Peacemaker Ministries of Billings, MT and Colorado Springs, CO. He has travelled to 30 states and 10 foreign countries teaching and doing Christian peacemaking.

When asked what Powercom can do for his role in the church he had this to say :When I work with a church, a business or other group, I find it important to  teach what Christian peacemaking entails. Even before I do that, I find it important to demonstrate why peacemaking is not just helpful but essential to good relationships. I use the PowerCom to poll the audience anonymously to allow each participant to learn from the group what problems indeed exist within that group. So often many of us refuse to acknowledge we have a problem requiring help. The PowerCom convinces the doubters more effectively than any other tool or approach I have seen of the existence of real problems requiring help.”

Powercom has many benefits to a variety of industry sectors and when we asked Mr. Thomas about the benefits of Powercom for him he said: “It is a fun way that readily builds its own credibility. The results of polling the group is easily accepted as valid. That in turn wins over the doubters to the need for Christian peacemaking in working with their group. It expedites the peacemaking process and it increases the interactivity among the participants and myself. It is also paperless which speeds up the process and minimizes the use of paper.”
Mr. Thomas also noted that he will not go back to using paper survey after using Powercom because it gives real time feedback and he can use the instant results for further discussion. He also added that he’ll continue using the system.

For the last question, we asked Mr. Thomas about how Powercom benefits his other church members, he had this to say:Because PowerCom is effective in helping others to see their problems and, in turn, their need for help, it makes my working with them get off to a good, fast start. I find this helpful in working with churches experiencing deep divisions, allowing us to frequently avoid a church split. The same is true of other entities such as businesses. If those within an entity can see that it has real problems that will likely lead to bad results if left undealt with, it prompts them to begin the good work on reconciling their relationships in time to save the entity and preserver important relationships.”

Powercom audience response systems benefit different industries from corporate meetings to church activities just like how Mr. Bryce Thomas uses it. Contact us now at 212-997-2000 to turn your ordinary event into a dynamic and interactive one. You will be able to engage and get your audience more involved in your presentations.

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