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Monday, June 2, 2014

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Hesitate now may mean losing your legal case

Explore the dynamics of juries: When it comes to winning or losing a legal case, experts say 85% of the cases are lost or won in the jury selection process.
  It is critical to Jury Consultants to be able to determine which jurors will help or hurt the case, which jurors are easily persuaded and by whom are they persuaded along with what jurors have came to the case with their mind made up and are not willing to change their mind regardless of what they hear.                  

   In order for Jury Consultants to be able to properly educate their clients it is necessary to determine those factors in a quick manner with reports that can be categorized, videos can be shown along with reports and to find all of that in one place gives the Jury Consultant the competitive advantage they need in their field. 

One system: An increasing number of Jury Consultants have begun utilizing audience response systems to simplify their job and to obtain accurate results.

 19 Top Reasons why to use a Clicker for your mock jury

1. Paperless
2. Come up with a summary and individual jury trend analyses that can help in strike jury decision
3. Juror entrenchment
4. Real time litigation simulation
5. Improves the deliberations of the defense lawyer
6. Real time trend analysis which gives you the ability to analyze individual and group characteristics
7. Assess plaintiff and defendant deliberations, opening statements, closing statements moment by moment
8. Assess what may have changed the jurors mind i.e. what was said or body language
9. Identify the jury profile that may help or hurt your case
10. Assist in identifying areas that will impact the juror
11. Simulate anonymous voting or juror profiling
12. Match juror profile with picture of juror to the decisions they make moment by moment
13. Pre load questions or make them on the fly
14. Helps identify targeted jury for focus group discussion and split the targeted jury in groups by demographic profile
15. Generate reports such as: video playback, CSV, excel, curve report and more
16. Histogram 17. Line Charts to measure voters’ responses individually or by groups
18. Quick voting speed can count up to 200 votes per second which allows you to conduct large focus groups
19. Large coverage area with up to 650 x 650 feet coverage area

 The software Powercom uses for mock jury’s is called Moment to Moment because it provides feedback from jurors moment to moment on a half second by half a second basis by using a wireless keypad or clicker that has a sliding bar from 1 to 100.
The best type of clicker for Moment to Moment is the Ativa wireless keypad. The jurors’ feedback can be viewed in real time by the client management team question by question with jury photos. In addition to being able to view the juror’s feedback real time, the voting results can be hosted on a website with real time updates; it provides a real time display of moment to moment line charts with video overlay for jury deliberations with configurable line colors, thickness and time scale. It can also demonstrate a histogram.

Powercom also provides a web event hosting for all reports and video, and gives the ability to generate different reports like Video Vote Playback, CSV, SMS, Excel and Word summary reports with charts for further analyses. Any feature of the software can be customized per our client’s request.


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