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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Are you one of the thousands of travelers this holiday season? If you will not be taking a train or a car check out these top tips to have an easier life while getting to your destination.

Booking a flight
  1. TripIt – This is a free service forward your travel confirmation email to this site. They will instantly create an itinerary of your upcoming trip which can be accessed via your smartphone or web. The itinerary will most likely include the local map, directions and constant updates of weather.
  2. Google search for flights – Book your plane ticket before the price hikes up. Google’s flight search engine includes the important basics like maximum number of connections, price point, and your preferred airline. They also offer a very friendly user interface.
  3. Hotel Tonight – If you find several relatives in your house, scan for the last minute deals at Hotel Tonight for a cool getaway at a very affordable price. Every third day hotels in one city disclose their cheaper rates usually starting at noon time, and they give people until 12 a.m. to book.
  4. My TSA- Get this iOS application to get the answers to any question you have have to get through the airport’s security line estimators. This could be the most important thing you have when planning your trip.
  5. HearPlanet – Give ample time to discover the cultural sides of your destination. This is an interactive application that gives highlight to all the attractions in over three hundred thousand locations. It also uses features for geolocation, so you don’t miss out on any nearby place that offers fun activities.
  6. GasBuddy – Are you taking your car. Then this application will be of good use to you. Use this application to search for the nearest cheapest fuel. Tell your fellow travelers about your cheap discover, they’ll surely thank you for it.

Essential Gadgets to Bring
  1. Tablet or iPad- If you have the money for spending for a tablet then good because it’s probably the single gadget you need to bring on your travel. It can save your e-books, let you surf the net and keep you in touch with the others back home.
  2. eReader- If you don’t have a tablet, then pack up an ereader. It can be the latest Nook Simple Touch or a Kindle. This will let you read your favorite series like Game of Thrones.
  3. Portable and compact laptop – If you must bring a laptop, make sure its compact and lightweight. There are many brands to choose from.
  4. Charger – If you have to bring many gadgets then you will also need to bring chargers. Today many airlines are now offering several stations for charging gadgets in the terminal.
  5. Headphones — Do not worry about airpocket while you are thousands of feet away by bringing a good noise isolating headphones. Try Skullcandy’s Aviator.

Pack Your Bag This Way
  • Packing in layers. Layer clothes then put the electronics, then clothes again in your carry-on so the TSA can easily view what is in there. This strategy works much better as well instead of the cramming everything in. This makes unpacking upon your arrival quicker.
  • Wrapping cords. A tangled bunch of cords may look very harmful, which may mean the agent will thoroughly go through your bag before letting you through. Wrap the cords around their own device and pack the chargers all in one big ziplock bag. Make use of twist ties or rubber bands to make it free of tangles
  • Keep bigger items in the carry-on – DVD players or laptops have to be checked thoroughly at the screening checkpoint. If they are checked in then the agent would have to dig them out and check them which can ruin your packing.
  • Get a bag that is TSA-friendly OIt is good to get a friendly TSA bag because it will give a good vie of all your devices on the X-ray machine. These bags don’t have zippers, snaps, emblems, logos or any branding that may obstruct the agent’s view.

Spending your next vacation will be more enjoyable if you keep this tips in mind because getting to your holiday destination safely and hassle free is just as important. Happy holidays from Powercom!

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc


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