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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Wireless Voting Keypads
If you want an effective tool in compiling and collecting valuable opinion and feedback from your guests and create dynamic audience participation, then a good market research solution with group response systems could be the one you are looking for. When conducting market research, you’ll learn that audience response systems are cost efficient than using web surveys and paper. Polling up to 15,500 people can seem to be a daunting task, and gathering voting information takes days. However with wireless voting clickers and a reliable market research application, you will be able to see the voting information in just a matter of seconds. A dependable solution would allow participants to give honest answers without any influence from others. It can also gather demographic information for further analysis and creation of reports. Comparing data which would usually take hours if not days should also be an important factor when choosing a wireless voting system.

Wireless Voting Tools

PowerCom, a global leader in wireless voting tools provides such systems that target an organization’s target market research goals quickly and efficiently. You would be able to identify trends among consumers in just a matter of seconds. Their market research application assures users of the most effective tool as an aid in creating impressive service or product performance report, sales and business plans, and forecasting new trends in consumer purchase using results from surveys gathered with the participation of an audience. There are many providers of wireless voting keypads all over the world, but a good provider would allow an end user to choose from a practical to a sophisticated system. You should be able to choose a system that can let you poll up to 30 answer choices or another system that offers a line chart for a moment to moment answer or response to sounds and images which the audience can see and hear. Some of the most sophisticated systems would let you text in feedback in a cellphone texting style. These are just some systems that can make your next market research better which can greatly aid in making your next business solution.

Powercom is a worldwide provider of top of the line group response systems or clickers. They offer US manufactured products and an easy to use and set up software. For more information, contact them at 212-997-2000 or e-mail at


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