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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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PowerCom provide Moment to Moment solution using Ativa keypad to gather the audience feedback during the Absolute Event, please come visit the exhibit at Paula Cooper Gallery 197 10th Ave, New York City from now till Nov 30.
NEW YORK—The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present Absolute Event, a video installation by Liz Magic Laser. The work will be produced on site during live performances at 197 Tenth Avenue, open to the public, on November 14th and 16th. Performances will begin promptly at 7PM. The video will be on view through November 30th.
Moment to Moment at its best.
“Can I pop out of your third eye of the kaleidoscope of spontaneity,” said one man sitting at a conference table, a zealous participant. As per Laser, the only people who had scripted dialogues were the two men she hired (Gary Lee Mahmoud and Daniel Abse) to play Congressional aides. Everything else was simply off-hand chit-chat generated by the main characters. It was more than neat to see the performance evolve before us, and get transformed instantaneously. The night also consisted of some inspired moments, like spontaneous dancing under the disco ball.

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