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Monday, September 16, 2013

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An interactive tradeshow is one of the best way to attract prospects who stick around long enough to learn about the products and services your small business offers.
To make  your booth more enticing requires goals on what you want to accomplish at the show.
For example your goals might include making sales to educate the public or just to increasie your prospect database. If you have taken those steps and identified your business goals then  you are ready to implement ideas for making your booth something visitors won’t soon forget.
3 things you need to remember:

Games: Best way to gather information through fun and exciting games.

Giveaways: Best way to encourage prospects to give you their contact information.

Demonstrate: Best way to give consumers a better idea about your product is through hand-on experience.

Innovating the way your business' presence on interactive trade shows, with the use of one of the industry's top audience response systems. If you think business cards are enough, think again. During trade shows, you only have a few minutes to create an impression, and it is quite important that the impression would be a good and lasting one.
PowerCom now brings you Reply Ativa, an audience response systems which allows you to dominate interactive trade shows with ease and efficiency.

Here's how PowerCom conducts an Interactive Trade Show:


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