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Monday, June 17, 2013

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Imagine if you can incorporate interactive game shows for your training presentations, seminars and corporate meetings? Do you think this would make the members or participants focus better while bringing in more fun and excitement?
PowerCom allows you to create game shows such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Trivia and Quizzes into interactive games based on PowerPoint. It is then used along with the powerful audience response keypads made in the US and the software. We guarantee that with our patented FHSS RF technology you will never lose an answer!
You can assign participants to teams for team competition. Team assignment can be made by roster before an event starts or assigning an audience to a team by one of the voting questions. You can use PowerCom Winners screen to display current question points for individual, team, and cummulative scoring. You can also display the PowerCom Fastest Finger to show who has answered the question first correctly.
Users may easily alter the Powerpoint slides to enter questions and assign points for every right answer. At the end of your presentation, the audience retains their attention throughout the event and enjoyed. Reports are then generated for further analysis and review.
Some of the benefits are:
• Establishing team building skills among the members or participants.
• Enhancement of skills in solving problems
• Makes absorption of new data and information easier and faster
For PowerCom Gameshow solution we recommend the PowerCom Mini, PowerCom RF1, RF2 and Ativa keypads!
To get a free online demo you can contact us at 212-997-2000 or email us at
PowerCom Empower Audience Communication!


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