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Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Boost your fund raising event to reach and exceed your goals quickly, intuitively and fun.

Go Paperless on your next auction event with PowerCom Auction System.

Participant enter the bid on wireless keypad and PowerCom Auction display the highest bidder and
amount on projector to show current bid standing in real time.

There are 2 kinds of auctions: English and Silent auctions. At a typical English auction people raise their
hands or use paperboards with numbers to show the auctioneer their bids. Each time only 1 item can be
bid. Silent auction utilizes pen and paper so people have to write down their names and the bid values
for every item.

What are the setbacks of doing auctions without PowerCom's audience response systems?

Do not share the current bidders and amounts in real time to generate the excitement and
speed up competition.
Slow paced fundraising procedures that does not maximize collection of funds
Multimedia limitations -- can't show photos or videos for everyone to see clearly
Tedious organization and tracking of items up for auction on your masterlist
Time consuming and tiring sorting of bid sheets for silent auctions

Instead of the traditional way of doing auctions, PowerCom provides the patented top notch FHSS RF
technology to make the bidding more secure, quicker and more environment-friendly. We guarantee a
bid will never be lost!

Besides auction, PowerCom fund raising feature will make your next fund raising successful and
efficient. Make the charity event really environment-friendly and let you maximize fund collection with
faster and more interactive procedures.

What Can PowerCom do for the Auction and Fund raising:

Competitive but philanthropic atmosphere:

All bids will be ranked on the big screen to show the the highest bid and who bids it in real time
that helps raise more money because the bidding becomes competitive and it raises the lots'

Voting Security:

Every participant is given a smartcard to log in and a password to make sure each one logs in
correctly. Secure log in. Use the password or the smart card login to make sure each participant
logs in correctly.

if they had been outbid. This also lets them see the previous bid and the current highest bid.
Makes procedures faster and dynamic! Multi-media images of the items up for auction like
photos can be seen on the keypads as well.

Easier tracking down of winners:

Every participant can use one keypad with a unique ID number. They can bid using their name or
just their number for anonymous voting. This makes the winners list easy to track and identify.

Cost efficient:

For silent auctions, participants can bid on two or more items using just one keypad. They just
have to carry the smartcards with them as they socialize freely with the other guests. No need
to have bid sheets and sold sheets, and avoids potentially losing a sheet.

Earth Friendly:

Go paperless. This is not just a trend but a serious commitment!

Note that before the actual English auction, the organizer or presenter can run a warm up voting
and get the participant's feedback about how much they expect to raise on the auctioned items.
So the auction can start from a reasonable auction value.

PowerCom Auction -- faster, efficient, paperless solution that raises fund collection!


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