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Monday, April 1, 2013

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Introducing PowerCom

  • With the combination of the Reply technology keypads and the Powercom produced software we have a world beating combination.
  •  We provide 24 x 7 online chat technical support & customer service, we are here to help you anytime!
  • That is the reason, PowerCom has tens of thousands of customers in over 80 countries worldwide.
  •  PowerCom has many ARS solutions for education class room teaching and training and corporate events such as Continuing Medical Education, Medical Symposiums, Market Research, Charity Fund Raising, Advertising testing, Mock Jury, Self-Paced Polling,
  • Interactive Game Shows, and shareholder Meetings
  • PowerCom has both PowerPoint add-in software and a stand-alone for special events and very large events.
  • PowerCom provides localized user Interface on 9 languages.
  • PowerCom has been tested and certified by Microsoft every 2 years since 2006.
  • PowerCom is very user friendly, easy to learn, you can learn it in 15 minutes or less.
  • PowerCom keypads are fast and powerful, 200 votes per second in very large 650 feet by 650 feet coverage area.
  • PowerCom offers different keypad models that would suite your event’s need. We have
  • PowerCom Mini, RF1, RF2 and Ativa keypads.

No wonder, PowerCom is the industry leader in the Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

Download a free trial version today at and run the PowerCom sample
PowerPoint to experience the power and potentials of PowerCom.

Please contact us to get a free live demo and explore the opportunities to enhance your next
important event and start interacting with your audience!

PowerCom Empower Audience Communication!

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