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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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   Introducing PowerCom. A world-beating combination of the Reply technology keypads, and PowerCom produced software. We provide an expert and comprehensive 24 by 7 online chat support, assisting our tons of customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

PowerCom is a Microsoft certified partner since 2006. We provide both Microsoft Powerpoint add-in application, and stand-alone software for special and large events, of up to 650 by 650 feet coverage area, capturing 200 votes per seconds. PowerCom is so powerful and has a user-friendly interface, even localized in 9 different languages including French, German, Italian and Spanish.

PowerCom is ideal for educational purposes, trainings and other corporate events such as Continuous Medical Education, Market Research, Charity Fund Raising, Advertising, Mock Jury, Self-paced polling, interactive game shows and shareholder meetings.

PowerCom offers different keypad models that would suit your event needs. We have Powercom Mini, RF1, RF2 and Reply Ativa keypads.

No wonder, Powercom is the industry leader in providing an interactive powerpoint presentation solutions.

Download a free trial version today , and run the PowerCom sample presentation to experience the power and potentials  of PowerCom.

Please contact us to get a free live demo, and explore the opportunities to enhance your next important event, and start interacting with your audience!

PowerCom. Empower Audience Communication. 


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